Tuesday, 26 April 2011

New home new room

I moved into a new flat last weekend. The room is a completely blank canvas so in terms of decorating, I can pretty much do whatever I want. The last room I live in was a mix of these shades:

It included statement wallpapers and a lot of black accessories so this time, the palette has changed a lot. I’ve made it a personal aim not to go with Black as it seems like the easy option. So here we go:

I’ve started by getting a few things and spray painting all the old black frames with orange and yellow.

Birdcage: £14.99 TkMaxx
Oval frame: £19.00 Ikea
Spray paints: yellow primer and Rover orange. Both £6.99 at Halfords

Right now I’m looking for a material to make a tall headboard to sit behind the bed. I'll post some samples up later.

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