Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Anthropologie is opening up it’s first Scottish store in June and is only the second store to be opened in the UK. From clothing through to homeware, the store will be stuffed with quirky accessories,  like this:

From the top
Sari Rings Pillow: £58 Winking Wisecracker Jar: £48 Blythe chair: £1498 Omaruru Cushion, Square : £68 Laelia Bedding: £98-£128 Mystic Plumes Teacup: £14

Before the shop opens, Central Station has teamed up with Anthropologie to find a Scottish artist to decorate the hoarding currently adorning the George Street store. Think it you fit the bill? Your work will be exposed on the busy high street in Edinburgh for three weeks before being broken down into souveniour pieces and given out on the launch night.

visit Central Station to find out how to enter and get your ideas in!

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