Sunday, 15 May 2011

The house needs...a garden.

For most of my childhood and teenage years, I lived in a spacious out-of-town flat. It had grassy hills, countryside and rivers in the surrounding area but I always missed having a garden. A private place for the family to be together. It's made me ambitious to have a garden of my own someday.

Until then though, apart from filling my window with flowers, the idea of guerrilla gardening seems much more realistic.

If you've never heard of Guerrilla Gardening, it's basically collectives of people, taking it upon themselves to cultivate public spaces with plants and flowers. Graffiti with flowers if you will. It attracts many different types of people with different motivations for participation. Be it direct political action or just  enthusiastic seed planters, guerrilla gardeners are taking over unloved pieces of public space to send their message.

check out the guerrilla gardening projects happening in Glasgow. Is this happening in Edinburgh anywhere?. If anyone knows of any collective I'd love for them to comment on what they are doing!

Glasgow Guerrilla gardeners hard at work in the city centre.

Read the book by Richard Reynolds and check out his latest video on the Guerrilla Gardening channel. It's from the International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening day from May 1st.


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